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About Interview Coaching

What is interview coaching?

The core of the interview coaching experience is 1-on-1 sessions with one of our Expert Interview Coaches. These sessions are conducted over video conference and are tailored to your needs as a jobseeker, with your industry and stage in the job search in mind. The Interview Coaching curriculum contains mock interviews, “Elevator Pitch” development, interview preparation strategies, salary negotiation, and much more!

Who are the coaches? What are the coach’s qualifications?

Our coaches have a broad range of real-world interviewing experience as well as professional degrees and certifications. They’ve spent years as HR Directors, Recruiters, and Consultants for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and Nonprofit Organisations. We recruit coaches that hold a variety of degrees and certifications including MBA, MA, CWDP, and SPHR certification.

How it does work?

Once you purchase a package, we’ll assign you a coach based on your professional background. Your coach will reach out via email to schedule your first interview session at a date and time that works for the two of you.

Once you schedule a time, you will be provided a link to a video conference that you will use the day of your session. Depending on the package you purchase, the first session will consist of a mock interview or a coaching session. Your coach will outline what to expect and how to prepare in the welcome email.

How do I know which interview type is right for me?

We recommend starting with the Unstructured Interview and Elevator Pitch options as they are the most common interview types. If following your Elevator Pitch session you want to change switch your Unstructured Interview session to any of the other interview types, please let your coach know 24 hours before your scheduled session — we’re happy to adjust the session focus and you will not be charged an additional fee for changing interview type in advance.

What is an Elevator Pitch?

30-second, persuasive pitches to get people interested in and excited for your ideas, project, or skill set. Perfect for networking events or chance encounters.

What is a Behavioral Interview?

Answering the ‘What Ifs’ and other scenario-based questions in a way that demonstrates your work style and ability to think on your toes. The most common interview style you’ll encounter these days.

What is a Unstructured Interview?

These free-flowing interviews are typically more casual in nature, but are a good way to flex your conversational muscles and give interviewers a better sense of your personality and social skills.

What is a Stress Interview?

From brain-teasers to rapid-fire questioning, this challenging interview style is designed to understand how you’ll perform under pressure and navigate difficult situations.

About TopInterview

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final, but our coaches will work with you to provide ample availability to schedule your Interview Coaching session.

You are responsible for attending your scheduled Interview Coaching session or providing notice within 12 hours of a need to reschedule. Repeated no-shows or late cancellations could result in terminating your order without refund. Learn more about our Terms and Conditions here.

What kinds of people do you help?

Our Expert Interview Coaches are certified in a variety of industries and have a wealth of professional experience. We’ve helped job seekers from all levels of experience that are seeking coaching for interviews at Non-Profit Organisations, Fortune 500 companies, Government, Startups, and more.

What’s the relationship between TopInterview and TopCV?

TopInterview and TopCV are both Talent Inc. brands. Our mission is to help professionals land more interviews and get hired faster.

TopCV is the world’s largest resume-writing service, with a team of experts that have reviewed millions of resumes and helped over 600,000 professionals craft their resume.

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